Where is Censorship When You Need It?

Sister B L Carter cites the dangers of this Momo Challenge and the oddity of there not being govt censorship of this application that is causing harm and death to children world-wide.

Government Re-Opened - Moratorium on Fees to Main Street

Sister B L Carter calls for a Moratorium and Reversal of all fees and negative financial reporting suffered by all of Main-street USA as a result of the Govt Shutdown. Federal Employees get their back pay even if they haven’t worked..meanwhile Main-street USA lost income, lost jobs, spent extra cash, incurred over draft or late fees, had credit affected with late payments, etc.

Routine Mammogram? No Thanks!

The title says it all. Take a watch to learn some valuable information on mammograms.

HR 8 and Red Flag Laws

Watch this video on the newly proposed, Bi Partisan House Resolution 8.  Which also has support of President Trump and potentially the NRA.

Demonic Close Encounter - A Story of Domestic Abuse Under the Influence

Sister B L Carter shares some experiences of domestic abuse at the hands of husband, as well as the strange physical changes that indicated his being mental controlled or possible demonic activity.

US Government - Biblical Prophecy or Someone's Agenda

Sister B L Carter weighs in on the government shutdown, Chem trails, and other crises/tragedies we are facing.

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